The recent coronavirus pandemic has changed the janitorial industry. Interstate is proud to share how we have evolved to best serve and protect our customers.
  • Additional Cleaning Hours

  • Focus on Touch-Points

  • PPE is Part of Our Standard Uniform

  • Disinfecting Training

  • Electrostatic Sanitation Spraying

  • Providing Proper Products and Equipment

Electrostatic Spraying Sanitation

Interstate’s Electrostatic Spraying: Fog Sanitation Program can be used in any room, including areas with machinery, medical equipment, and sensitive technology. This ecologically sound alternative to using harsh and dangerous chemicals will kill MRSA, H1N1 Virus, COVID-19, e. coli and may other bacteria. It also kills mold, mildew and other allergens. This single service treatment sanitizes walls, floors, ceilings and objects in a matter of minutes. This system is so effective that it can even eliminates bad odors and stains caused by cigarette smoke, blood, urine, and feces.

New Position: Disinfection Technician

Interstate is excited to introduce a new position – our Disinfection Technician will clean and disinfect all touch-point areas throughout their scheduled shift using hospital-grade disinfectants recommended by the CDC guidelines.

New Position: Temperature Technician

Another new position Interstate has created is our Temperature Technician.  This professional team member will greet all building entrants and take their temperature with our touch-less thermometers. We are happy to provide all facility occupants with peace of mind.

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